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Lifetime Learning - Recreational Package


Welcome to Aquatic Dreams Scuba all-inclusive lifetime diver continuing education program.  This is an ADSC exclusive Lifetime Learning pass. This unique opportunity, provides divers the opportunity to pursue as many qualifying speciality and advanced diver education programs as they wish, throughour their diving adventure!

We welcome divers from any agency and certification level are welcome to join this comprehensive program, provided the necessary prerequisites are met. Aquatic Dreams offers training through PADI. Take as many or as few of classes as you wish, whenever you wish, for the rest of your life. Over thirty speciality and advanced training programs are included in this program all for one great price!

Some courses have a minimum age and prerequisite certification level requirements and these must be observed for each participant. For classroom and in-house workshop sessions, all specialty equipment, tools, fixtures, handouts and software needed for classroom and workshop sessions are provided for student use. Students are responsible for cost of textbooks, student manual and agency certification fees for each course selected.

For classes involving in-water sessions, divers must provide their own personal equipment. Details for required fear configurations for each program can be found on our website. Additional equipment, such as digital underwater cameras, tools, reels, lift bags, stage bottles setups, may be required for a number of the speciality programs for pool sessions and open water dives. Costs for airfills, tank rentals, gases for mixed gas programs and consumables are not included in the course fee.

Recreational Module

Minimum age

Classroom Sessions

Pool Sessions

Open Water Dives

Advanced Open Water 10 1 n/a 5
Altitude 10 1 n/a 2
AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation n/a 1 n/a n/a
AWARE - Fish Identification 10 1 n/a 2
Boat Diver 10 1 n/a 2
Deep Diver 15 1* n/a 4*
Digital Underwater Photography 10 1 1 2
Drift Diver 12 1 n/a 2
Dry Suit Diver 10 1 1 2
Master Scuba Diver 12 * n/a *
Multilevel Computer Diver 12 1 n/a 2
Night Diver 12 1 n/a 3
EANx, Nitrox 12 1 n/a n/a or 2
Rescue 12 1* 1 n/a
Peak Performance 10 1 1 2
Project AWARE n/a 1 n/a n/a
Surface Marker Buoy 12 1 n/a 2
Search and Recovery Diver 12 1* n/a 4*
Underwater Naturalist 10 1 n/a 2
Underwater Navigator 12 1 n/a 3
Wreck Diver 15 1* n/a 4*
Health and Safety        
CPR and First Aid (EFR) or (DAN BLS) n/a 1 n/a n/a
Oxygen Provider (DAN) n/a 1 n/a n/a
On-Site Neurological Exam (DAN) n/a 1 n/a n/a
Hazardous Marine Life Injuries (DAN) n/a 1 n/a n/a
Diving Emergency Specialist (DES) n/a 1 n/a n/a
Life Support        
Equipment Specialist 10 2 n/a n/a
Fill Station Operations 18 1 n/a n/a
Visual Cylinder Inspector 18 1 n/a n/a

* Course has a prerequisite certifications and dive requirements. 

** Does not include materials or certification fees. Learning pass members fet 25% off all PADI materials

Cost: $1500.00